Boss Ne Chut Phad Di Married Employer Ki

I was in need of some sexual pleasure only

Hello friends my name is Mala and I am an Indian woman staying in the USA.  I have been deeply in sexual relations with my husband from the start only. But it has been hard for him to keep me happy especially with the recession and all. He is running so much after his job that he started keeping me thirsty and my hunger for sex has gone up day by day. Sometimes I felt that my husband is not more interested in my big desi boobs and horny pussy.

Then I got this offer from a small company for the job of office receptionist cum file keeper. I was getting bored anyhow so I took this offer and started working. The girl dress code here at this office was skirt and shirt or saree. I started wearing it and my big desi bobs really looked horny as my shirt had their shape on it. And then one day I thought of showing my assets in saree as well. I had this deep neck cut saree with backless blouse. I knew I look damn hot in this attire of mine. My hairs were untied and I had medium makeup worn. My big desi boobs looked stunning in this backless saree of mine.

I had some files which were to be checked. I took them and went to boss’ cabin. His wife was also in the cabin so I stayed near the door only. I overheard their fuming   argument and boss was saying her about divorce and all. After couple of minutes boss’ wife left his cabin and I entered the cabin. Boss looked at my backless saree and appreciated my looks by saying I looked hot. I thanked him and saw him staring at my deep cleavage and big desi boobs. I don’t know how could he forget the argument with his wife which happened only few minutes back only.


Next day I wore mini skirt and pink shirt. Top two buttons were open and half the size of my boobs were kind of poking out from the. Today also I went into cabin of my boss and he looked like a dumbass. He was not able to take his eyes off my chest. I was feeling bit shy and proud! Who does not like when boys stare at you like this.
He kept on looking at my tits while checking files. I looked at him and he closed the file. Our eyes met and he broke the ice by saying, I have started to like you Mala.

I smiled and looked at him.

He continues, no one can say you are a married woman.

Thank you sir! 

He continues his efforts to make me happy and said, you know I wished you were my wife and I was your husband.

Sir, please check the file na.

Oh come on, come near me and let me see your body. 

I looked at him and his eyes were really big now; looking at my deep cleavage and big desi boobs. I wished I could have his dick in my mouth and ride on his lap. But going so early in his arms will give me bad impression so I thought of doing some acting.

Sorry, sir, I am not like that, I said to him.

Even I am not like other guys, I will keep you happy and will give you the credit you deserve for this beauty. How about you getting promoted only after a month of work.

What? I exclaimed.

Yes dear, my wife and I are getting divorced soon. Her share will be wiped away by paying her some money. Then I am all alone here and I can make you a wealthy person by staying in my arms. I did not say a word and he stood up.


He neared me and touched me on my bums. Wow. It fucking tickled like anything. A cold wave just passed my body in a flash. Even I was hungry to take dick and wanted someone to touch my big desi boobs and horny pussy. And boss did the exactly the same. He pushed himself a little more and I could feel his dick touching my shoulder; as I was sitting on the chair. And then he dared to open his zip there only. And soon his big cock was resting on my shoulder. I turned my face a little and saw his big cock; about 8 inches in size.


Come on kiss it, I know you want to do it, he said to me.


I turned around and had his dick head in my juicy lips. Boss was kind of excited as I started to lick his dick head. He pushed my head more towards the dick as he wanted me to lick the shaft. I opened my mouth and he pushed the cock inside. My lipstick made it reddish in color and I started to give him nice blowjob in his cabin only.


His dick was really big and I was not able to take it fully in my mouth. Boss had his eyes closed and he was fucking my throat with small jerks. My lips had a lot of spit coming out and boss was still fucking my mouth like that only. Now he held my hairs in his hands and literally pulled me further near his dick. His dick was now touching my throat, nice deepthroat was the result for him.


He kept on fucking my head like this for one more minute and then asked me to stand up. As I stood up he came near my bums and lifted my skirt. My panty was all wet and he slid his fingers inside it. He started to slowly finger my pussy with one hand and his other hand came on my big desi boobs. He was fondling my bobs and fingering my pussy. I was very high on acetylcholine and was moaning like a whore He did not bother about moans and I realized that his cabin must be sound proof only.


Boss fucked pussy and fondled my big desi boobs

He now inserted full 2 fingers inside my pussy and fucked me with them nicely. I was moaning and my big desi boobs were also being touched and pressed so nicely.

I then said to him, sir please don’t tease me, give me your dick sir.

Wait please, I will lick it first.

Then he took his fingers off from my pussy and parted my ass cheeks. Then I heard a nice slurping sound and feel of his cold tongue on my asshole and pussy. He kept on licking my vagina and then inserted one finger deep in my asshole. I was getting crazier with his moves now. I wish my husband was fucking me like this. And then he made me position myself in doggy style; with support of a chair.

And he came near my pussy from behind and places his cock in my ass cheeks. He reached to his desk and took out a condom from a drawer. I said to him, leave it sir I have pills with me.

Wow, I love that darling!

And he now pushed his bare and nude dick deep inside my cunt. That was one of my best pussy fucking session which I ever had in my life. His dick was reaching till the mouth of my cervix and I was wet like a horny bitch.


Boss kept on fucking me for 20 more minutes and then he had all his cum pushed deep in my cunt. And he once again fondled my big desi boobs as I was wearing my skirt and shirt! That was my first sex with my horny boss and I tell you it was just the beginning of a long lasting sex relationship!
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