Manipuri Girl Sex Story - Teacher of Age 30+ Cum Hard

Manipuri Girl Sex Story - Teacher of Age 30+

Manipuri Girl Sex Story - Teacher of Age 30+ Cum Hard
Manipuri Sex Story

A 34 years of age wheatish in color with a slightly heavy body with beautiful boobs and ass, a divorcee with no children. Lin Laishram was the best thing that happened in my life. At that time I was 24. Lin was my English professor during my college days.

Apart from my studies since I used to read a lot of English novels and books. Lin was quite impressed by my reading habits. Which in turn paved the way for discussions during breaks and late-night talks over the phone. 3 months passed we started to feel attracted to each other.

I’m a normal guy. I don’t have six-packs or a gym body. But I do exercise daily and keep my body clean and fresh most of the time. So one night during our late-night conversation Lin suddenly and directly asked me about my carnal desires. If I had sex with anyone before to which I said no.

Lin – So, if you had a chance?

Me – Certainly if I feel the rush.

Lin – Do you think I’m attractive?

Me – Attractive? No. Absolutely gorgeous.

Lin – (laughs lightly) Don’t lie.

Me – Why should I?

Lin then told me directly that Lin liked me and my companionship and also Lin had many dark fantasies. I was like in cloud 9. I too confessed to her that I like her and would love to make passionate love with her. To which Lin kissed me over the phone.

Then Lin asked me about my dick size to which I replied that its 5’5 and Lin let out a moan.

Me – What’s the sound?

Lin – I’m horny and my pussy is wet.

I think Lin had started masturbating. In the meanwhile, I too lowered my boxer took my tool in hand and slowly started stroking.

Lin – When will you come inside me? (her breath rising up and down)

Me – Whenever you wish. I’m at your service

Lin – (in a sexy tone) Will you allow me to taste you, suck your cock and drain your balls?

Me – Oh god I would love to, I’m all yours. (started stroking fast)

Lin – Baby, will you kiss me passionately when you stick your rod in my hole?

Me – Yeah. (breathing fast)

Lin – Baby, are you reaching your climax?

Me – I’m about to cum baby.

Lin – Please cum harder for me baby, my sweet darling

I was panting heavily, stroking very fast

Lin – You know what will I do when you come over to meet me? I will make you stand nude and suck bite kiss your cock. While stroking your balls licking and leaving my hands in between your ass crack and tingling your butt hole with my finger.

Me – (I couldn’t hold anymore and shout) Baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Lin – Cum baby cum harder let it splash out!

I had cummed so much that day. I was tired and panting. After a few seconds of silence, Lin told me to meet her the next day during lunchtime in her cabin. The next day I ruLind to college. While climbing stairs to reach my classroom I saw her.

Standing dressed in a beautiful red color sari facing me, in the distance talking on her mobile phone. Lin winked at me and bit her lips and slowly and carefully Lin looked around if someone was there. Then showed me her left side boob and smiled.

Her boob is the best thing ever created by god. It was round, firm, perky, I could see her nipple erect and pointing trying to tear off her blouse. I instantly had a hard-on and started sweating profusely. I just sighed and left for the classroom. Around 11 pm during the break, Lin called me over the phone.

Lin – Seems someone had a good show today morning.

Me – I couldn’t control myself. I think leaked a bit.

Lin – Oh! My sweet baby. Don’t waste I need your oil when you come to meet me at lunch hour.

Me – Don’t worry my reservoir is always full. You can always have whenever you need it.

Lin – How sweet! I can’t wait to have it and taste it all by myself

Me – Just wait a couple of hours I will be yours.

With that we ended the call and went back to our respective classes, Lin to teach and I to learn. Around 1:30 pm after having lunch and checking back and forth in the cabin corridor Lin called me to come to her cabin. Within minutes I was there standing outside the door of her private cabin and knocked on the door.

Lin – Come in.

Upon entering I found one of our college peon handing some papers to her. Lin told me to wait for a few seconds. Once the peon left Lin walked towards the door. Once again checked the corridor to ensure no one was there and closed the door behind.

Lin – So what’s up?

I immediately hugged her and kissed her in the lips and withdrew after 2 seconds. Lin then came forward and hugged me tightly. I could feel her breast against my chest. We were kissing passionately exploring each other’s tongue licking, tasting each other’s faces.

Lin then slid her right hand down my shoulders to my right butt at this moment. I suddenly felt a thrill running through my spine. Then Lin slowly caressed my butt crack up and down with one of the fingers. My tool now was in full force trying to tear my underwear.

I then caressed her boobs, removed the front part of the sari now my two hands in her boobs I made her sit slightly bent in a table, and started licking her navel. Lin slightly started moaning. When I lifted her sari Lin told me that it is not safe now as people started walking outside the corridor.

With a swift move, Lin unzipped my pant took my tool kissed, caressed and started to suck while keeping her hands in my buttocks After a few minutes, I told her that I’m going to cum.

Lin – Please baby shoot your oil in my mouth. I want to taste my sweet darling’s cum.

With this talking, I reached my climax and started shooting drops of cum in her mouth. The feeling was exhilarating! Lin stood up swallowing my cum. Lin took her kerchief and cleaned some parts of her face where there was still some cum and carefully kept it back in her purse.

I asked her to wash it to which Lin replied that Lin will have it in the afternoon break. With that, Lin kissed me on my lips. I could still feel the salty taste of my cum in her mouth.

Guys, I will continue with part 2 after seeing your response. Suggestions, feedbacks are always welcome. Girls, ladies and aunties and can contact me for real fun. I’m available for direct meetings, friends with benefits, etc. Thank you.

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