Manipuri Mom & Aunt - Manipuri 2024 Sex Story

Hi, my name is Abel . I belong to Manipur of India. This is a story of me getting lucky to have sex with my own mom and also my aunt Annie (Uncle’s wife) after fucking my mother.

I am fan of incest stories especially ‘mom and son’ and ‘sister and brother’. It is also great to read family incest where anyone can fuck everyone, two sons fucking their mother and also brothers fucking their sisters.

Manipuri Mom & Aunt - Manipuri 2024 Sex Story

I just wanted to write my dirty fantasy with my mom and aunt, and had started to write about it. But I just forgot it and kept it on my study table, and mom had found it. She called me and just told me to stand there. Mom kept reading the bunch of papers without showing any notable expressions on her face, I was humiliated and wondering what would happen next. My mom has always been well known for her absolute forthrightness. I am17 years old, I was too horny for a teenager and wasn’t shy of admitting my fantasies about women twice my age. I stealthily brought magazines and pictures with obscene content inside the school which did earn me a few friends for sure. I was fond of reading erotic stories in print as well as on the web mostly about incestuous relationships. I never concealed my excitement about big breasted women disregarding their age and stature. Having read hundreds of stories, I have decided to write one myself. However, I was somewhat ignorant to have left the manuscript right on my table enabling my mom to pick it up while she had entered the room for the routine clean-up. My mom is sexy women. She stood about 5’3″ with an incredible body and sharp features. Although she kept trimming her dense dark hair just enough to brush her back, she still looked like an angel. Unlike women of her age, she wasn’t wearing any spectacles synonymous with her profession and was never shy of wearing sleeveless blouse revealing her well shaped shiny arms to the eager eyes of onlookers. Needless to say, my mom did have a pair of wonderful breasts (khom).

“I guess you still have a far distance to go,” My mom spoke without lifting her eyes from the manuscript. “You haven’t picked up the grammar yet.” I kept looking down with no idea whatsoever to say anything in reply. I feared a volcano could erupt once my mother was through with the story. A huge chill went through my spine as there was a likelihood that my mother would take up the matter with my Dad. May be my mother would surely call endoncha (aunt Annie) and inform about the naughty literary assignment I had taken up. “I am sorry,” I infused some courage and said apologetically. My mom looked for once, flashed a brief smile and asked. “Are you feeling sorry for the horrible language in the story?” I bowed down again in utter humiliation and embarrassment. Mom flipped through the bunch of papers again quickly, rolled them into a cylinder and placed it on the table. “Not bad if this is your first attempt,” Mom said with an overtone of ridicule in her voice. I preferred to remain silent as I knew that I didn’t have anything credible to say after being caught by my mom. “I never imagined that boys of your age might have so much of drive,” Mom spoke making a conspicuous effort to sound normal. “I have forgotten that there are enough diversions nowadays. Perhaps the worst is the internet.”

“Who is the lady in the story?” Mom queried placing her arms on my shoulder.

“I guess it should be either me or Annie.” “I will never do it again” I spoke firmly. “Forgive me” “You didn’t answer my question,” Mom was persistent.

“Is the lady in the story your aunt?” My heart was beating aloud as I managed to reply in a hoarse voice, “No, it is you mom.” Mom’s eyes brows shrunk at once hearing my admission. dirty! It was hard to believe that her son have been fantasizing about her right under her nose. A sudden heaviness landed inside her as she struggled to digest the hard reality. Mom’s puzzled look further aggravated the fears in my mind as my eyes began wandering all over the room as if I didn’t have the courage to look into my mother’s eyes. “That is a shocking revelation,” Mom murmured. “I can’t believe this.”

I reconciled to the fact that there wasn’t any point in hiding the facts as I had miserably failed in keeping things. My undue fear had prompted the spilling of beans and my mother was smart enough to get the things checked out with her persistence. Mom reached to the story and started browsing through the papers again. It was an awkward feeling to realize that her boy had made vivid descriptions about her secret flesh portions and her womanhood. The very fact that she had been a subject of her teenager son’s secret obsession made her feelings more intense. She was overflowing with a whole range of emotions and that included a gentle tease beneath her undergarments. She soon realized that her nipples were hardening inside her tight bra which was more overwhelming than her anger and disgust. Mom was wearing a loose blouse and pkanek (local dress) without bothering to put on all the top buttons. Unaware of the harmonic revolutions in her son, she was seated rather close to me.

“Were you peeping on me?” She queried with mixed feelings. Her voice had more of pride than ill-feelings. She wasn’t willing to disclose the sudden curiosity about her son’s new found passion although her voice suggested that she was getting herself more involved in the history of the erotic story. “I am sorry,” I apologized once again. I wasn’t aware that my mother was in no mood for listening to apologies anymore. In fact, my innocent disclosure had made a drastic impact on mom. She squirmed in discomfort because of her itch inside the panties and her smile had an evident shade of curiosity. My mother had already been aroused by her adolescent son. “How did you know my bra size?” Mom asked in a voice that seemed like allaying the fear in her son’s mind. I smiled slightly embarrassed before admitting, “I have a set of your bra and panties with me.” I paused for a while before daring to say, “I put it below the pillows.” Mom was loosing fast as her legs began spreading apart slowly after hearing what I had said.

“I can’t believe this,” Mom spoke in a very low tone.” I enjoy sleeping like that,” I continued as I could sense my mother wasn’t looking as angry as a few minutes before. My eyes staggered before settling on her blouse and probed through the open inside her cleavage. It took a while for mom to gauge where her son was gazing before she looked down to realize for the first time that she had let a few buttons open. Her instinct persuaded her to cover her cleavage but her fingers did exactly the opposite. As though she was spellbound by magic, she undid the bottom buttons. I almost swooned hearing my mother say, “You shouldn’t be straining this much to look at me. Keep Looking as much as you please.” My eyes widened like never before. It just looked like a dream to be sitting so close to my mother who had just allowed me to have a closer look at her marvelous breasts by undoing all those buttons. “You need some outlet and I don’t mind being one,” Mom whispered. “I don’t mind if you want me.”

I hesitantly stretched my hands towards my mother. She stopped him as if it was an afterthought and said, “Wait, I will join you after making a phone call.”

I immediately rushed to the bedroom and once I reached there, I had no hesitations whatsoever. I removed my shirt, got rid of my trouser and waited for my mom on the couch with just the undergarment on. Mom returned after a few minutes and latched the door with a naughty smile. I moved to the edge of the couch, spreading my legs and resting them on the floor. As soon as mom came closer, I dragged and hugged her. My face was pressing against her stomach. My hands went behind her and cupped her huge ass cheeks and squeezed them gently. I looked up to see mom biting her lower lips in joy feeling my body pressing against her. My hands lowered through the back of her thighs, knees before holding the bottom of her phanek. I began pulling it upwards till it reached well above her waist, revealing her shiny strong thighs and panties holding her sexy triangle inside. I gulped as I gazed her naked thighs and silky stomach and mom laughed at this. I couldn’t resist planting my lips on her shining abdomen. Mom moaned gently which sounded like music in the ears of her horny son. I watched with absolute amazement as mom grabbed her breasts, squeezed them together and pinched the nipples.

“You will have your turn.” Mom said with a mischievous smile.

“I won’t stop you.”

“It is always auspicious to begin the adventures on the bed,” Mom continued pushing me back gently. She pulled off her blouse and dropped her phanek and followed it up with getting rid of her bra to stand nude to the hilt in front of her eager son.

“Wearing a brief on my bed is a crime,” Mom said laughingly. I quickly pulled off my undergarment and freed my throbbing dick stand aright in the air.

“Chaoee ecahgisidi” (“Not bad at all”) Mom murmured staring at my dick and moved on the bed. She took a few long breathes gazing at my dick before letting her right hand grip it. I closed my eyes in disbelief as my mother’s hand started stroking my dick and caressing it all through. My body rested on the couch completely and mom crawled against me letting her left nipple brush against my shoulder. I scaled the breaking point by reaching to mom’s naked breasts very quickly. My hands began grabbing, squeezing and tweaking my mom’s enormous breasts with great passion while my eyes weren’t moving away from the beautiful globes. My eyes soon crept down in between her thighs and settled on her sexy mound under the cover of her gentle public hair. My lips dried up as I kept looking at my mother’s womanhood and my tongue jumped out to moisten my mouth. Mom couldn’t look at me any further as she felt like having exposed her naked Thu (cunt) to a man for the first time. Her face went red blushing. She couldn’t wait for what was about to unfold and her eyelids descended slowly seeing my head leaning downwards. My face brushed the smooth skin on her inner thighs before resting on her mound. My hands inched upwards to hold the bulging breasts while my face moved from left to right between mom’s thighs sending a teasing sensation all over her nerves. I belied my inexperience as I went about thrusting my tongue through her pussy lips sending an electric current inside Mom. Mom squirmed further as my tongue probed as deep as it could inside. Mom’s reflexes overtook her age making her moan aloud. I enjoyed hearing my mother’s vociferous moans and realized that I was right on course. The unusual aroma from my mother’s wet pussy didn’t prevent me from letting my tongue swirl inside. Mom’s body kept flexing unevenly to press against my face and soon the floodgate began opening. I realized that mom had cummed and felt elated to have passed the first test. Mom pulled me up, letting my chin rest on her breasts and kissed me on the forehead suggesting that she was impressed with my good work.”Show me you are a man.” (Echa pakhang pharae mamada utlo). She hissed into my ears in a sexy voice. I pushed mom on the bed making her rest on her knees and elbows. Mom giggled briefly knowing that her son was about to try the doggy style right away. She felt a bit proud of her son for making an attempt to fuck her in an odd way to begin with. I was quick to move right behind mom and caressed her firm round ass cheeks a few times before spreading her a bit wider. My dick made a few futile attempts through mom’s legs before it finally felt her moist pussy sending a huge shiver on both of us. Mom was willing to wait knowing that her son might not have tried sex before and tried to look back for watching him. I was relentless as I tried inserting my meat in mom’s hole making mom a bit amused. Finally mom grabbed my dick and guided it to her moist cunt enabling me to make an initial entry. I required no further clues as I drove my dick like a dragger inside her pussy.

“It is inside,” (Ema!! Thu manungda changle). I said with excitement bringing a smile on mom’s face. Mom too was overwhelmed, feeling my dick venturing inside her.

“Good, don’t think about anything else. Make it hard and fast.” Mom muttered.

I obliged instantly and began my maiden fucking eagerly. My hands wandered before gripping mom’s waist giving me the leverage to let my dick in and out in amazing speed. The brief moments of amusement for mom vanished as mom felt my thunderbolt jolting her pussy. Mom was convinced that I might have stored tones of fantasies about her even before I decided to write the story. I was fucking mom so hard that she was forced to yell out all the time. I was sailing in the space unable to believe my luck with my akhatpi, kasubi Ema as I used all my youthful strength to pump her pussy as hard as I could. I occasionally looked down and watched in amazement while my dick kept sliding in and out of my mom. My thighs were smashing against mom’s ass cheeks rendering thumbing music to our intercourse. Mom wasn’t lagging behind as she kept rocking back and forth gripping my cock tightly within her pussy. My eyes rolled in surprise while mom’s thrusts became faster than my pumping. Her moans meant nothing as she was letting out loud noises all through. I suddenly felt a burning sensation gripping the tip of my dick which spread with a lightning speed through the entire length of my shaft and catching up all over my spine. I blinked for a while I eventually realized that I was about to explode into a woman’s pussy for the first time in his life. My excitement was short lived as I sensed my hot crude semen jumping out of my dick in consecutive loads and filling up mom’s Thu (cunt) within seconds.

“Oh Mom,” (oh ema) I screamed before collapsing on mom’s back. We both were breathing hard and long for a while. Just as I thought of reaching down to the couch to settle my breathing, there was a knock on the door.

“I know who has come,” Mom said with a smile and pushed me gently besides her. As she began walking towards the door, I pointed out to her quickly.

“Mom, you are naked.” Mom looked back, smiled and kept walking towards the door after closing the bedroom from outside. I wasn’t kept guessing for long as the bedroom door opened within a couple of minutes. Mom walked in with her smile intact. I was shell shocked to see endoncha Annie following mom and getting inside the bedroom. I froze into silence. Mom watched the change of expression on my face and laughed. Aunt was smiling while her eyes were scanning my naked body. “What is going on?” I almost screamed. “Cool it,” Mom tried to calm me down.” I have a surprise package for you.”

Aunt turned back and tried to control her laughter while I was looking at both the women with absolute confusion. “Your aunt has something to tell you,” Mom spoke gently. “I better leave the room so that she can resume from where I left.” Mom winked at me like a kasubi (slut) before leaving the room, closing the door behind. Aunt smiled and began walking towards the couch.

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