Mysore Sex Story in English (मैसूर सेक्स स्टोरी)

Mysore Sex Story in English (मैसूर सेक्स स्टोरी)

Hi all welcome to all readers this is Roby ,age-31 from Mysore today am going to
write my true experience which happened 4 months back. There was some death
the ceremony of my uncle who is a godfather of all my relatives, cousins etc, As we are
nearly 5 cousins all got married and among them all being the youngest one, and I have so
many babhi ji's (whose all are my cousin's wife’s).

After the death of my uncle, we had a threading ceremony we usually do in
our caste so all of our cousins need to change threads, including me. It is
the time the first time I need to be in Dhothi without any shirt and sit and do
the Puja and all my relatives, bhabi's , aunts are there watching all of us.
Guys, I didn't describe myself, I am 5.8" height with 7" tool and 76 kgs
weight. A lot of girls and aunts usually stare at me when I wear tight fits.
On that day when Puja was being performed, i was observing my all of my bhabi's face and
their eyes looking to find out is someone is observing my body because
other all my cousins are with big belly and no fitness.I observed one of
my bhabi is keep on staring me standing in different places .wow man i
was very much happy inside. am regular reader of his stories on this site
so i understand how lust can be seen on others eyes.

I saw my bhabi observing me and giving some times smile that day went
off like that. Next day it was surprise for me I got a call from my bhabi,
saying that her in-laws are leaving to USA to stay near their elder son for
1year and my brother is fully packed up with his schedule so she needs
some help for packing the things and getting some things from Ulsoor
market. And it was Saturday next day i told i will come and help her ,I told
my parents that am not going to come for lunch and dinner and
I will have at my bhabi's house only and i told my wife to go to her moms
house as her father is not feeling well stay with them for a week after
going to bhabi's house she opened the door with big smile and asked me to
come inside ,i found no one is at home and my aunt and uncle went to
meet some relatives and will be back by evening.. oh my goodness now
time was 11 o clock and i have till evening 6 .i need to do something.

Her figure 34/30/34
These all are thought going in my mind and I was becoming hard-on every
moment there .My bahbi was in red saree, guys I love red and yellow and
after looking her in red saree i am really out of control. I walked with her
to inside the kitchen and talking to her and she was preparing tea for me
and lunch too. she was asking about my office and bla..bla. Even though i
was responding to her my thoughts are around her every angle of her is
killing me when she is bending I can see her complete belly

killing me when she is bending I can see her complete belly,
And sometimes from side views am able to see her boobs when she bends
Goodness! am out of control and my tool is paining like anything, I need
something to do now at that moment. I don't know how to proceed and
scared very much we had lunch together and chit-chat then she asked me
that she needs to get those suite-cases down which are on top of some side
the roof I told yes and as it was little height issue I asked her for the chair she told
on the chair there is some more luggage and again she can’t shift those
And asked me to lift her she will get those down, yes! This was what I need. I
readily agreed and I lifted her up the man she is dammed soft and is pressing her
and in the process and purposely to I placed my face on her exposing
belly and tried to lift her up more and more finally got one and while
getting her don’t slowly I was pressing herself to my forcefully and slowly I
moved my hand inside the saree around her tummy she dint tell anything
I was holding her tightly and in my pants, that bulge can be seen easily she
just stare at my eyes and gave me a naughty smile and even I had given
too , she told me your wife is very lucky and walked to wards other room I
kept quiet for a moment and went behind her and asked why she told that
my brother is never bothered to keep her happy as it was my brothers
second marriage and she is from poor family her
Parents forced her to get married for him and she started crying. ten i
thought this is right chance to get close to her and sat very close to her
and taken my hand and put on her shoulder and her towards me like
consoling and mean once i kissed her she dint tell anything ,I repeated this
act so many times and i told her i love u babhi, And told about my personal
family problems and asked her did she likes me
She nodded her head like then i kissed her on her lips.ans started
squeezing her boobs with one hand .she is becoming wild and started
breathing faster and faster. I removed her pallu and started unhooking the
blouse and put one hand in her blouse and squeezing her boobs she
started falling on me like mad and kissing me all over the face man she is
dam too then i removed my t-shirt and pant she told me to lift her
and take to her bedroom I did the same,
I removed her all the dresses and started kissing every part and licking
the whole getting mad and she is too becoming hot we are hugging
each other tightly and rolling all over the bed and in between smooching
each other I started squeezing her boobs and kissing her belly she is
shouting loudly fuck me, plz I love you, fuck me deep and the hard man I
showed all my energy all my gym push-ups, pull-ups everything on her, I
lifted her and made her to sit on my thighs and fucked her in Kamasutra
And fucked her in doggie style. I had taken out my penny and started
sucking her private parts and man she started oozing and asking me
please fuck me hard and deep. Then i started till first she gets satisfied and
then i got out she told me leave all your cum inside my vagina only. I need
some healthy baby and it should be like you these words made me more
horny and started one more session .we enjoyed like that for some time
We both had a bath together and all the day till six we were playing kissing
and pinching on each other's private parts after that day on way to my
office whenever she was alone at home she calls me and we will have great
time together now she is carrying and I don’t want to take any risk in
terms for the baby's health.
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