Saw own sister naked with binoculars

Hi, My Name is Ajay age 26 from Bangalore, I am the die-hard fan of incest stories that started reading recently and want to narrate the real incident that happened in my life. While reading incest stories I used to think that they are no real, but now I believe that many of the stories are real and not fiction.

Coming to my story we are 3 members me (Ajay) Widow Mom (Nancy aged 46) sis (Sarla aged 22). We lost our father 5 years back, he was running a business and was a drunkard, once he died we had lots of problems because of his drinking habit we have almost lost everything and left with lots of loans. And later it’s my responsibility to look after my family that time I was just 21, then I stopped my studies and started to look after dads business which was in great loss, nobody ever thought we would come up with it, but I worked day and night for almost 5 years, now to my luck I got success and paid all the loans (except the house, paying little by little) and now we are almost settled.

When I used to work day and night by seeing me mom used to feel a lot and sometimes used to cry for me, but I used to console her and tell we will get good days soon, and now we got.

Now whenever I get some chance I used to watch porn movies and read sex stories, and slowly I got attracted to incest stories and used to read them but think they may be fiction stories, but still liked the stories

One day that happened I was searching for something in my storeroom and then by accident, I just peeped through the window and found sis Sarla wearing a bikini after bath in the bathroom. We stay in the ground floor and our bathroom is behind our house, and our storeroom is on the first floor if we peep thru our store window we can have a full view of the bathroom.

I was stunned to see Sarla in a bikini, initially, I thought it was bad but as I used to read incest stories, that dirty thing came to my mind and kept watching she wore bikini then wearing her skirt came out, that night just her bikini figure came to my imagination had masturbated thinking of that scene and slept. But next morning I was waiting for her to go to bath and see from starting, I was having tea morning and she came out from her room in towel saying she go to bath to mom, then I suddenly got up and said mom I have to take something from storeroom so I going up, suddenly I went to my room took my binocular and went upside to storeroom, then I went near window and saw

Then she slowly came inside and closed the bathroom door and kept towel and her dress on the thread on the tap, slowly removing dress, slowly she removed her chudi pants then removed top standing just in bikini. Since I was seeing thru binocular I can see full as if I was standing next to her, she was looking stunning in bikini with around 30C sized boobs and her ass are visible by her thong type panties, then slowly she removed her bra and fully saw her round little boobs, I got erect by seeing her in bikini now I was fully hard, then slowly she removed her panties and was fully naked now, first time I saw live pussy that too little and few hairs and kept may hand in my boxers playing with it. She was fully naked taking I was enjoying each and every inch of her beauty and when

saw my naked sister with binoculars- incest stories
My gorgeous sis Sarla

she completed her bath I cummed twice in my boxers. This was my entertainment in my life and I used to watch it daily and enjoy myself.
But one day I was watching, and suddenly mom came to the storeroom to take some material and found me watching. I was watching thru binocular in one hand and cock in my other hand, she suddenly came inside and I was really scared and was shivering to say sorry mom, she didn’t say a single word then said come down immediately took me to my room closing the door and asked
Mom “what were you doing there?”
Me “sorry mom it will never happen again I am really sorry”
Mom” tell me you are watching you sis getting a bath and masturbating”
Me “sorry I couldn’t control sorry again”
Came nearer me and said
Mom “ you have sacrificed a lot for us after your dad died, many a time I feel pity for you and we are unable to do you anything, now you are enjoying such things and I know its bit wrong, but if you are in certain limits I won’t object you”
Me “what do you mean mom”
Mom “you can watch, but don’t ever try for sex with her as she is unmarried and it will be a risk, hope u understand what I mean”
As mom only given permission I used to watch her a lot and it became habit daily and even used to peed in her room thru key hole enjoying her changing dress without her knowledge.

One day then bank manager where my house documents was there came to our house and handed all our documents to us saying our loan is cleared and that day mom was very very happy that time she hugged me and said lots of thanks for all this, that night I was in my room after dinner mom called me and told
Mom “you can sleep in Sarla’s (sis) room, today”
Me “why in her room today, what’s the matter”
She told “there is a small gift waiting for u in that room and that gift will not wake up for 3-4 hours as I have given sleeping tablet in milk to that gift”

I was feeling just like in heaven, and can’t express how I feel, I went near her and hugged tight and said why you doing this, then she told “today is a memorable day for me when bank manager handed all the documents and that too because of you my son” and then said “go and remember please don’t cross the limit and I will not disturb till midnight, come away from the room after 3-4 hours” then I understood that she warned me not to fuck her just watch, and touch and come back

I went inside the room Sarla was in deep sleep, looking stunning, let me tell you one thing that she is a very very beautiful girl like a mom only, both mom and sis are more sexiest and beautiful when compared to any other girls in our relationship when they pass thru all eyes will on them each and every man used to turn towards them and watch, they are such beautiful women,

I went inside she was in her skirt with a sleeveless t-shirt over it in deep sleep, the skirt was just touching a knee, I slowly went near her face and kissed chicks so soft chick made me crazy and then moved my lips to near her lips, our lips met and I was like in heaven, then slowly I slept over her kissing lips and touching them with my tongue. I do it for a few minutes and then holding both her chicks tried to open her mouth and inserted my tongue inside and was kissing, I was licking her juicy tongue. 

I was sleeping over hear and kissing putting my tongue fully inside for mostly half an hour, then came down and moved her t-shirt up, I saw a boobs under black bra but I wanted to see them naked and so slowly lifted her bit and unhooked her bra from behind and removed it and kept aside, first time was near to those, they looked so round well built, they white and black nipple looking awesome, I grabbed with my hands and gently pressed and started kissing them, they are so tiny they went fully in my mouth, I was sucking and sucking black nipple one by one and sometimes kissing lips, I done it for few more minutes then moved down kissing navel, it’s like 50 paisa coin then came down and moved up her skirt and started kissing her thighs, so soft thighs, when I kissing her thighs her cunt was running in my mind, so I didn’t took much time to kiss thighs so slowly pulled her panties down a cute pussy with little hairs, which I saw thru binocular now I am seeing sooooooo close just touched its lips and then kissed, I then got full wild and suddenly pulled skirt full down and panties and also removed her t-shirt fully and made naked, then I too got fully naked and went in-between her legs sucking her pussy, what a smell and taste, I kept sucking it after some time I got some idea of giving cock in my mouth, so I slowly went near mouth tried to open mouth and inserted cock in her mouth, it was a wonder felling for me, so I was slowly fucking mouth and fucked it lot and I felt like Cumming, did it by my hand and washed it with my underwear, I hugged her and slept for some minutes from behind. 

After some time I again got hard again played with her I have done this for 3-4 hours, after that when I slept hugging her from behind and pressing boobs, mom knocked door and came inside I was a bit ashamed as I too naked, she smiled at me and asked “Are you happy”, I said ye thanks mom, then she said “hope you haven’t crossed the limits “ I said no mom not at all” she said good and now go to your room, when I tried to get up she saw my cock she said idiot cover it first with naughty smile and turning aside, I suddenly got up wearing my dress and went near mom and hugged and said thanks, when she asked to go to my room, Sarla in naked let me wear her dresses, mom told I will take care of her you go to room, then I went and slept in my room.
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