Mom's friend kanchan aunty fucked hard while her husban is Not Home

In this part comes another sexy but plump Aunty called Kanchan Aunty.She was a good friend of my maa and used to live in an apartment near to our colony.She was very fair and also plump and was around 35 yrs old.Her husband used to work on a ship and used to come home in every 6 months.She had a son aged 6 months.I had seen her at her marriage and she did gain weight after that but her husband was still slim and hadn’t changed a bit.

Mom's friend kanchan aunty fucked hard while her husban is Not Home

One day my maa asked me to take some books and give it to Kanchan Aunty.I said-I will give her the books while returning from the college.Since there was some meeting at the college,my classes were called off and I decided to go to Kanchan Aunty’s house,give her the books and then return to home.I reached her house and pressed the bell.She answered the bell and when she saw me,she smiled and said-Welcome Lokesh,you must have come to give me the books,your maa has sent for me.I said-Yes Aunty.She said-Come in then.While entering,I noticed that her blouse was lifted a bit and her breast and nipple are visible.My cock hardened a bit because I really liked her plump figure.

When inside,she said-Can you wait for sometime Lokesh?I was just feeding the baby.She went inside and then came with the baby in her hands and began to feed him infront of me.I was looking at her and she looked at me and said-Well,watching me in this condition certainly brings back memories of your maa feeding you,right?I said-I am sorry,Aunty,I think everyone is really small that time to remember these events and they only presume that because every maa feeds her baby,he or she must have been fed that day.Unfortunately,they don’t get this kind of opportunity again in your life.She said-That’s true and you also neither remember the taste of your maa’s milk.I said-Yes Aunty.She then kept on feeding and said-Would you like to taste some?I said-What Aunty?She said-My son is feeding on one of my breast and if you want,you can suck on the other breast.I couldn’t believe my ears and said-Sure Aunty.I would love to do so.She threw her saree and then opened her blouse to show me her big tits filled with milk and said-Come baby,suck you mommy’s tits now.I immediately went to her and put my mouth to her other boob and began to suck it.She pressed my head to her boob and said-That’s it baby.Suck mommy’s tits well and drink as much as you can.

After sucking her tits and drinking her milk for sometime,I let go of her and she said-Did you have enough Lokesh?I said-Yes Aunty but I have yet to a get a lot of things from your body.She smiled and said-Ok,let me first put the baby to sleep and then we can continue from where we have left.She went to the bedroom and came after some time.As soon as she came near me,I took her into my arms and pressed my lips on to hers.She also took me into tight embrace and our tongues began to play with each other.After sometime I let her go and she said-I have been so horny for a long time but managed to control myself.You now have raised the desire in me again.You have to satisfy my desire to the fullest baby.I said-I am all yours Aunty.We both got naked and I was amazed to see her naked body.She looked at my cock and said-You are so hung baby.I love big cocks but my husband has only an average.I said-Its all yours Aunty.She got on her knees and began to suck my cock.She was moving her tongue all over my cock and also pressing my balls.I was pressing her head towards my cock and was fucking her mouth at the same time.After sometime,I said-Aunty,I need to cum now.I am cumming inside your mouth Aunty.She was busy in sucking and didn’t pay heed to my words.I also lost control and filled her mouth with my warm cum.She began swallowing my cum and let go off my cock when it was limp.She then said-Its time to pleasure your Aunty now baby.I lied down and said-Lets do 69 position Aunty.She smiled and moved her pussy onto my mouth and began sucking my cock again.I also pressed my mouth to her pussy and began to lick it.I pushed two fingers into her pussy and fingerfucked her while I licked her asshole.She shivered when my tongue touched her asshole and she came in my mouth.I drank her juice and kept on sucking her pussy and fingerfucking it until she came again in my mouth.

My cock was ready and she said-Its time to get your monster inside me baby.I said-Sure Aunty.She turned around and began to insert my cock inside her pussy and began to ride me slowly.I cupped her big tits and began to press them with my hands while she rode me.She soon picked up speed and I also began to push from below.She was nearing another orgasm and I asked her to bend and remain still.She did that and I began to fuck her from below.She screamed and came hard.I asked her to get up and lie down and widen her legs and I entered her.Then I asked her to lock her legs around my waist and I began to slamfuck her.I fucked her for another 10 mins and I knew I was going to cum and said-I am going to cum again Aunty.She said-Me too baby.Here I go baby,here I go.Ooh my god,what a big cock you have got baby.It made me cum so many times in one fucking session.She came hard and became still.I gave some more strokes and the began to fill her pussy with my seed.She held me in deep embrace and said-That’s it baby.Fill mommy’s pussy with your warm seed.Ooh god,it feels so good to be fucked by such a big cock.You filled mommy’s pussy to the depths baby.We separated and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves and then lied naked on the bed together.She told me that how she missed her husband and some good hard fucking.She also asked me whether I intended to fuck her ass too as I was licking her asshole to which I said that I would love to do that.She promised me that she will give her virgin ass to me but first I have to fuck her more in her pussy first.She also told me that she had a book of “KamaSutra” with her which she and her husband used to read and try the positions in it.Since I have a big cock,she would love to try all the positions in it.She also prepared me some tea when I was leaving in the afternoon and I promised her that we will soon be having another fucking session again.

When I reached home,my maa inquired that whether I gave all the books to Kanchan Aunty and did she had everything she needed to which I replied-Yes mommy,I gave her all she had asked for. If any married housewife who is not satisfied by their husband can contact me to have good hard fuck.

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