Manipuri friend gets wife fuck

Manipuri friend gets wife fuck

Hello friends, my name is Karan and I am 32 years old. Today I am presenting a Hindi sex story in front of you, which is completely based on fantasy.

I have lived in New York for the last two years, where I was doing a good job. My family lives in Ahmadabad and I used to stay on rent in a two room flat in New York for job reasons.

Where I was working, I have many friends, but among them, I have a special friend, whose name is Smith. He is 30 years old. Smith's wife Kanam is Manda Leima and she is also 30 years old.

We both have a good friendship and I often used to go to dinner at their house.

Smith's wife Manda Leima is a very beautiful, hot-looking girl. Her intoxicating eyes, sexy beauty, blonde hair are enough to captivate anyone, she is a modern figure.


It was just a few days ago when Smith had invited me to his house for dinner. Me and Smith's house is about half an hour away.

I reached Smith's house in the evening. At that time, I wore a T-shirt and jeans pants. Mostly I wear T-shirt.

I am a beautiful looking, handsome and fit bodied man. I have been here for two years, but till now I have not made a single girlfriend because I want to marry a desi Indian girl.

I went to India very rarely, so I never got a chance to be able to propose a girl.

But yes, I have been proposed by three girls so far. But I refused them all. Yet one of them is still my friend.

I reached Smith's house and knocked on the door of his house. One minute, Smith opened the door. We both hugged after seeing each other. Then I came inside.

Then Manda Leima came out of the kitchen and both of us hugged and practiced Manipuri poetry. At this time, Manda Leima was wearing a yellow shirt and black short, in which she looked very sexy.

Manda Leima- You two talk, by then the food will be ready.

Then Manda Leima went to the kitchen and I sat on the couch. Then Smith brought a cold drink to drink and we both would talk while drinking a cold drink.

Smith- How was the London trip?

I - good… but got bored alone.

Smith- Now you should make a girlfriend.

I - hahaha. … I am very worried about you.

Smith- Yes too much.

Me- you know, I get a lot of opportunity to go to India in this job affair. On the other hand, if I get married to someone, it will be fine.

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Smith- Believe me, like any good girl over here.

Not me.

Smith- Why?

Me- you know that I want to marry an Indian girl only.

Smith - Get married to an Indian girl. But before that, fall in love with the girl here.

I-hmm… I have to tell Manda Leima, how are you giving me advice?

Smith- Oye… Let it be… Varnakham Khan will start giving volatility right now.

Me- Tell me if you have an Indian girl!

Smith- I have not been to India till now and there is no such thing in my mind.

Why don't I do a job

Smith- What?

Me- I am going to India after two weeks… So both of you also come with me. Both of you will also roam India under this excuse.

Smith- Well, your idea is good.

Me- so don… both of you are coming with me to India.

Smith- Manda Leima will have to ask.

I will definitely say yes.

Then Manda Leima made food and put it on the dining table and gave a voice to both of us to come. We both came to the dining table and sat on the seat. Manda Leima started serving food.

Me- Manda Leima… what am I saying!

Manda Leima- What?

Me- I am going to India after two weeks… so why don't both of you also go with me?

Manda Leima- I also want to visit India… but have to see.

Smith- Come on babe… I will not get such an opportunity again.

I will enjoy it.

Manda Leima- You have to make us roam India.

I - Dun.

Manda Leima- How many days to go.

Smith- Karan tell you.

I have to take a leave of at least two weeks.

Manda Leima- That's too much.

Me- India has to roam… then it will take so much time.

Smith- Dun… we will go for two weeks.

I - ok.

Smith- Manda Leima, what are you thinking now?

Manda Leima- Okay… when both of you have made up your mind, then yes from my side too.

Then the three of us started eating while talking. After having dinner, I went to the backyard behind Auréjac's house and sat on the couch.

Then Manda Leima brought the bear and glass together and sat down with Smith. Smith made pegs for the three of us and with the glass in all three of our hands, we started chewing pegs. I smoked cigarettes and started taking puffs.

Manda Leima took a cigarette from my hand and she returned the cigarette to me with a long puff. I was astonished to see this, because till date Manda Leima had always lit different cigarettes. I kept quiet and picked up my glass and started enjoying Whiskey.

After this, talks started between the three of us. Since these things were happening in Manipuri English, so to make this sex story the best,

Manda Leima- So how is our sister-in-law?

I do not know right now, I will ask when I get it.

Manda Leima- hahaha…

Smith- Karan What kind of girl do you want?

I mean

Smith- I mean what you want in a girl.

I - be beautiful in appearance, modern and love me, understand my words.

Smith- Means better than Manda Leima!

Manda Leima- Shut up.

I - we do not have any luck like Manda Leima, you are very lucky… who got a life partner like Manda Leima.

Manda Leima- Oh Karan… the praise is not so good.

Smith- Karan you do one thing, you marry Manda Leima, I will like another.

Manda Leima- OK, I make a Divorce paper by speaking to Loire.

Smith- I'm just kidding… I want to spend seven lives with you.

Manda Leima- I'm joking too.

Smith - I love you.

Manda Leima- I Lovetoo.

Me- You two should romance later.

In this way, the three of us started joking and hitting another peg.

Manda Leima- Karan, you know, he proposed to another girl before me.

Smith- That was your trick.

I - I do not understand anything.

Manda Leima- Smith will tell.

Smith- What is that… The day I was going to propose it, it was Manda Leima. When I was speaking romantic shayari, sitting on my knees and closing my eyes to propose it, then I heard the voice of its friend because both of them had changed their place by then and this idea was already given to me by its friend.

Manda Leima- Now it took me six months to propose, so a little joke is going on.

Me- Smith's appearance will be worth seeing at that time.

Manda Leima- Really… I still remember that moment.

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Such three of us were talking while having drinks. Then Manda Leima stood up and started going inside and was looking at Smith as he went. Manda Leima went inside her room. Since the three of us have a good friendship, we speak openly.

Smith- May I ask one thing, tell the truth?

I - yes, ask no.

Smith- Don't you ever feel like having sex?

I happen… happens many times, but then I control myself.

Smith- How did you like Manda Leima?

Me - that's good.

Smith- Just looks good or anything other than that!

I mean

Smith- Look Karan… you are my good friend and also a good friend of Manda Leima, so I go straight to the point without turning around.

Me- what's the matter?

Smith- I and Manda Leima We both want you to have sex with us today…

Me- what are you saying?

Smith- Look Karan… I know you feel like sex, Manda Leima can help you for this.

I- u r joking… Right!

Smith - no.

I have climbed you.

Smith- I know it's weird. But Manda Leima can fulfill your needs at this time and Manda Leima is also ready for this.

Me - she is your wife.

Smith- And you have a good friend too, I have no problem with this. Make you understand that this is our fantasy, for which both of us need your help.

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Me- Smith, this is not right, it will make a difference in our friendship.

Smith- Our friendship will last forever, now you don't refuse.

I but!

Smith- If you don't like Manda Leima, I refuse it.

I - is not the case. … I just feel all this strange.

Smith- If you consider both of us as good friends, then don't refuse.

I-ok ok

Smith- Good you sit here, I'm going in. After five minutes you come in.

Then Smith stood up and went in and I started thinking about Manda Leima by lighting a cigarette. Manda Leima is very beautiful and hot in appearance…

 anyone's heart will fall on her… but will it be right. Doing this will probably change the friendship relationship between us. I still could not believe that Smith could think of me and Manda Leima also agreed to it. They both love each other very much and both of them must have thoughtfully taken steps.

After this I started thinking about how Manda Leima would be in bed, this is what I was thinking.

As it was five minutes, I stood up and started going inside. My heart was beating loudly at this time.

I went to Smith's room. The door of his room was a little open. For single I stopped outside the room and started thinking that what I am going to do,

whether it will be right or wrong… but at this time my intoxicating liquor… and the fire of the darkness was disturbing my mind. I jerked my head and thought that now I will be seen.

I slowly opened the door and went inside. Both Smith and Manda Leima were kissing. After getting my call, both of them stopped and started looking at me.

Manda Leima looked at me and started doing a sexy smile. Seeing the mischief in his eye, I was a little hesitant.

Smith- Come on, tonight is yours.

Saying this, Smith got up from the bed and sat on the chair lying there. He pointed at me looking at me. I started looking at Manda Leima. He raised a finger and gestured for me to come closer, so I started going to him.

Before leaving I looked at Manda Leima for a moment. Then Manda Leima herself got up and came close to me and kissed me with her hand on my neck.

As soon as Manda Leima kissed my lips, electricity ran down my entire body. The next moment I too lost my temper and started kissing her pink lips while supporting Manda Leima. Kissing Manda Leima had greatly increased my heartbeat. Smith was sitting in the chair in front of us watching him doing kisses.

Today I was going to fuck Smith's wife Manda Leima, which I had not even dreamed of.

When I kissed Manda Leima, I put my hands on the waist of that mad… and just started kissing her wildly. I was so engrossed in kissing Manda Leima that I forgot that Smith is watching us kiss in front. As soon as I realized this… I moved my lips away from Manda Leima’s lips.

At the same time, something happened to Manda Leima as well. Now both of us came to our senses and started looking at Smith. Smith was smiling, stroking his cock.

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Smith then smoked a cigarette and said while taking a puff- You both enjoy… I am going to sleep in another room. Karan, take good care of your friend Manda Leima.

After saying this Smith stood up and went out.

The next moment of her departure, Manda Leima stroked my cock and we both started looking at each other.

Manda Leima was ready to fuck and Smith had no problem with it. Thinking that there was no more control than me… So without delay I started kissing Manda Leima's lips again. Manda Leima will also support me.

I moved my hand from Manda Leima's waist to her ass and began to rub her round ass. At this time, both of us were doing full vigor like the heroines of the sex film.

When we got excited, Manda Leima started removing my T-shirt. He started trying to bare my chest for the next time. I removed my T-shirt, supporting Manda Leima. As soon as I removed my T-shirt,

 I also removed Manda Leima's yellow-shirt. Manda Leima wore a printed bra at this time, seeing that my cock got tight and we both smiled and started kissing again.

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I took off Manda Leima's t-shirt. She wore a printed bra at this time, seeing that my cock got tight and we both smiled and started kissing again.

I had not had sex with any girl yet, but yes, I used to watch porn videos to calm my inner fire and I used to calm my cock with excitement.

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You guys must be thinking that I am so beautiful and handsome, yet why I do not have a girlfriend yet… So today let me tell you the reason.

Three years ago, when I used to work in Bangalore, I had a girlfriend. It looked like wife's direction… but her father came to know about the relationship between us. 

The result of this was that the company I used to work at that time was the boss of that company. That's why his father expelled me from the company… 

because he did not approve of his employees loving his daughter.

Along with removing me, my girlfriend also refused my girlfriend. For this reason, both of us considered it better to stay apart. For this reason, I have not proposed to any girl till now. Till now I had not told anyone.

When we both were busy kissing, then I turned Manda Leima around and removed the strip of her bra from behind. I removed her bra. After that, I kissed Manda Leima's neck from behind and started caressing her masters. 

Which caused Manda Leima to get drunk. As soon as I felt the joy of his body, the fire inside me was growing more.

I started suppressing Manda Leima's killer mummies. My cock too was completely tight now. My erect cocks were being rammed into Manda Leima's ass.

Manda Leima put her two hands on my hand in a trance and turned around and started kissing my lips.

Then Manda Leima sat down on her knees kissing my body. I understood what Manda Leima was going to do now. So I removed my pants and niches while supporting Manda Leima.

Manda Leima was watching my standing cocks with great pleasure.

Me- what happened?

Manda Leima- Your weapon is much bigger than Smith's weapon.

I - hmm… I have managed very well.

I also had a good friend with Manda Leima Smith's wife, so we started talking openly. Perhaps being a good friend, Manda Leima had agreed to it today.

The next moment Manda Leima took my cock in her hand and smiled and started licking it back and forth. By turning my foreskin back, Manda Leima turned her juicy tongue over my sweet betel, and put a lot of spit in her tongue, 

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making my cock even wet. Then Manda Leima wet my dick with a spit on the cocks and again started tonguing my betel nut.

I felt very soft on the warm feeling of his tongue. Then he provoked my fire even more and filled my cock in his mouth.

A loud 'Ahhh ..' sound came out of my mouth as it was happening to me for the first time.

The way Manda Leima was doing blowjob, one thing was sure from her that Manda Leima Smith's cock would also suck with great fervor.

In India girls may object to sucking cocks, but in Western culture, sucking cocks is a necessary foreplay.

Manda Leima was sucking my cock and I was half-consciously holding her hair and enjoying it by licking it in and out.

I was able to control myself for two minutes and started thinking that if Jenifer did her blowjob for a long time, then my goods would come out.

Without delay, I made Manda Leima stand by telling her to stop and kiss her.

The mouth with which Manda Leima was sucking my cock, I was kissing those same pink lips, I was getting the taste of my cock with her lips.

Then I slammed Manda Leima on the bed while kissing. She will also smile. I climbed over Manda Leima kissing her pink lips.

At this time, both of us were enjoying this moment without saying anything. I started kissing Manda Leima Spaniard and kissing her body. 

While kissing her body, I was also mashing her slaughtered mum, which made her completely hot.

Then I came down and removed Manda Leima's short and panty.

I went mad after seeing Manda Leima's cock. She had been kissed by Manda Leima Smith hundreds of times, but still her pussy was very tight. Perhaps the Smith dick was not as big as my cock,

Today I was going to fuck Manda Leima with full fun. I took my mouth to the mouth-watering mouthpiece. His pussy was wet by now. I licked and began to entertain Manda Leima. I digged my senses seeing Manda Leima naked and my cock was shaking tightly.

Manda Leima grabbed the bed sheet in a fit of chutzai and started having fun while ass. She was ever taking hold of my hair and picking her pussy and sometimes taking her ass back and forth and taking my tongue in her pussy slices. 

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I was also licking Manda Leima's entire pussy from top to bottom and she was cuddling.

Manda Leima- Ah Karan… Can't stand now… Please give me a fuck.

I took my position without delay. But then Manda Leima stopped me - first put the protection, there is a condom in that drawer.

I have to install a condom?

Manda Leima- Want to fuck your friend's wife without protection?

I - Yes.

Manda Leima- Please put it.

I - ok.

Then I opened the drawer, which had many types of condom packets, out of which I took out a packet and opened it and put it on my cock.

I had put a condom that Manda Leima pulled me. I too spread Manda Leima's legs without letting go and climbed on top of her.

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Manda Leima- Karan Slow… your cock is quite big.

Without giving any answer, I stuck the cocks and put a crimson. A little bit of my cock got into the pussy and at the same time, the voice came out of Manda Leima.

For the first time, I would enjoy so much, I could not even imagine.

As soon as Manda Leima's strong groan came out, I got a little slow and now I started to slow down.

After a minute, Manda Leima started to like cocks and she shook me ass. As soon as I got his hint, my fuck speed increased.

Dick started going back and forth at a rapid pace and with this Manda Leima's sensual voices also started to color the room. Manda Leima's pussy was so cool that I was starting to hit Josh Mentez fast.

Manda Leima- Ahhhhhhhhhhh slowly fuck bitches… Will you know me?

I controlled myself after listening to Manda Leima. I remembered the face of my girlfriend while fucking her. She is also beautiful and hot like Manda Leima.

I increased my speed and started fucking Manda Leima faster, which made her voice grow louder and the sound of 'Fachfuch ..' would echo throughout the room.

Manda Leima's erotic voice was also going out of the room. I was so engrossed in her kissing that it was forgotten that Manda Leima's voice would be listening to Smith. 

During this time, Smith's wife was fucking fast and  might have been sleeping in the room or remembering his wife's fuck.

Manda Leima- Uhh ah oh uhhh oh Karan you are so fast… 

slow fuck… ummahhahayah oh ah Karan you are very good fucker… my pussy's itch is completely erasing… ah… but just fuck it.

I was just ignoring Manda Leima's voice and paying her fast. The erotic sounds of Manda Leima were making me more excited and I was fucking Manda Leima like a wild animal.

At this time, Manda Leima's condition had worsened, as she was in pain. For the first time, such a big cock was making a cry in her pussy. My dick was mercilessly fucking Manda Leima's pussy without stopping. 

Manda Leima probably knew that I am not going to stop now, so she was facing the shock of My dick with great courage.

Today I was thinking while fucking her that going to my gym for the last two years is going to work… My stamina was absolutely cool at this time.Shortly after, I had reached my final peak, so I was fucking Manda Leima with a long jerk.

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